I find it so immensely defeating I’m not able to ever FULLY explain myself. Almost everything I do always needs an explanation it seems recently. Am I just THAT person? Or do people not see the explanation in the art…

I go through a wide range of highs and lows
riding proud on my high horse as the headless ghost,
I speak before I think sometimes my heads a ghost,
I entertain this type of shit when all my highs are low,
Ever sense a kid just I wanted the greatness,
Not to be famous just to be a creative,
I wanted to be understood like I understand
all the greats I looked up to,
when my head in my hands,
I know I said I wouldn’t quit
But I’m close to the edge,
I don’t know how to cope with this
Might abandon my fans,
I’m almost 20 now and I don’t see how this will end,
2 decades later and there still ain’t not enough said,
But it’s ok though,
You gotta wait though the storm to see the rainbow,
Ima chill under willows and watch the leaves blow.



There is no will to follow
come, I’ll show the way
Ill make light night and mid day
morning is hollow
I’ll cry tomorrow
while I’m crying tonight
I lost my mind
I’m not thinking twice
and now I’ve lost my perception
from it, not I, not me
Take it from stock
“you can try but admit
you can never fuckin pass us”
This voice on page
That proves who the writer is
- not one thing makes sense
- or is connected
yet it stays obsolete and ephemeral

Nonsensical life of these mortals
along side these live the creeks, hills, sun and wind
the fire is not within.
the world
doesn’t even spin, it twirls
and the string it’s held by is unraveling.